Making your Mark in Local Elections

The chance to have your voice heard is on offer to people in Stroud District Council area.

Local elections for town and parish councils are due to be held in the near future and Fretherne with Saul Parish Council is urging local people to find out more.

Surveys reveal that while many people want a say in how their area is run many do not even know who their councillors are. Come along to a Parish Council meeting to understand what a parish council does, who your councillors are, what is involved in being a councillor and why you should vote.

Parish Clerk, Kay Brown, explains: “From the right to make representations on planning applications, to the state of footpaths and street lighting, parish and town councils have a wide range of responsibilities. They make decisions which affect your everyday life”.

“Many people may think their opinions don’t count and public statements over the years have further reduced the hope that local action can or will make any difference. The answer is – you vote, you decide. It’s an important way of having your say on the issues you care about and choosing who will make decisions on your behalf.”

“In the coming weeks, you will be asked to vote for someone to represent your views, so the message is – come along, get involved and find out. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to become a local councillor, you might know someone who does. By voting and getting involved, you might be able to ensure a better service.”

Kay continues: “Not voting is inviting someone else to tell you how your life and community should be run. Find out more about your local council and help them to understand your community needs.”