Parish Accounts

Parish Accounts

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Financial Year Accounts and Other Documents
   Year 2021 – 22    Yearly-accounts-2021-22/
   Year 2020 – 21    Yearly-accounts-2020-21/
   Year 2019 – 20    Yearly-accounts-2019-20/




Current Accounts

The Parish Council raises funds each year by a precept on all households which is included in the Council Tax levied by Stroud D.C.

This is used to fund various activities in the Parish.

  1. Expenditure is reported at each PC meeting.

Annual Governance Statement 2020/21

Annual Internal Audit 2020/21

CIL 2019

CIL 18-19 Return

Annual Audit Internal Report 2018/19

Certificate of Exemption AGAR 2018/19

Local Audit of Accounts

Annual Governance Statement 2016

Statement of Accounts and Annual Governance Statement 2016

Notice of Conclusion of Audit YE 2016

Previous years accounts

Clicking on the links below will give you the accounts for previous years and illustrate the range of activities supported by the Parish Council.

Accounts 2014/15

Expenditure to date 2013/2014

Accounts 2012/2013

Accounts 2011/2012

Accounts 2010/11

Accounts 2009/10

Accounts 2008/09