The SWIM Project – Flood Reporting

The SWIM Project

SWIM is a straightforward, web-based system which allows Members of the Public, Flood Wardens and Flood Risk Management Authorities to enter details about property flooding in one place.

The system can be a used to aid multiple agencies in their combined response to flooding both during an event and after. Records collected are spatially referenced and can therefore be analysed on a map or in summary reports. During an flood record point, SWIM can be used to inform decision makers and provide an overall picture of what problems exists over a geographical area.

This helps agencies better prioritise assistance both during and after an event.

This is the link to the reporting site SWIM and will be added to the main menu on the Fretherne with Saul Parish Council Website.

Using SWIM

If you are a member of the public then please fill in details of flooding which has impacted your property.

All data entered will be reviewed by one of the organisations involved in the SWIM project.

The SWIM project has been developed by the GeoWessex partnership. The developers are the Dorset Council Geographical Information Team working with colleagues from the Environment Agency and the Dorset Council Flood Risk team.

Overnight Closures – TTRO 2983 Whitminster Lane, Whitminster

Please be advised of the following temporary overnight closures:

Whitminster Lane, Whitminster.

This road will be closed at Wheatenhurst Bridge from 13th November 2019 to 19th November 2019, from 19.00hrs to 06.00hrs each night. This is to allow for repairs to the bridge by Gloucestershire Highways.

If you require any further information regarding these closures please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514514.

Caroline Cogram

Gloucestershire County Council

Roadspace Co-ordinator (Stroud District Area)

Whitminster Roundabout Canal Bridges Scheme – Advanced Warning, Road Closures A38

Major Junction Improvement works for Canal restoration

4th October 2019 – 15th September 2020

Whitminster Roundabout Order

Whitminster Roundabout Schedule

The scheme shall deliver the construction of the canal through the A38 Whitminster Roundabout. The scheme shall include the construction of two new bridges, a canal channel within the roundabout and a towpath under the bridge.

During the construction works the traffic management has proposed to have 30 mph speed limit during the lane closures, the lane closure will make sure there is access to houses and businesses.

During the STAT’s works for Severn Trent Water there is a need for full road closure to divert the pipe crossing A419. The scheme is expecting to propose lane closures if there is a possibility but in the worst case the scheme will need weekend road closure for A419 to divert the pipe. The date will be confirmed based on the agreed Contractor programme.

The road closure will follow the diversion route as per the attached drawing (Figure 3).

For vehicles to join A38 from A419 following diversion is proposed:

A419 – Follow A419 Bristol Road – Exit for Bath Road – Follow B4008 Gloucester road – Follow M5 Junction 12 – Join A38 Bristol Road

For vehicles to join A419 from A38 Bristol Road similar diversion is proposed.

Follow A38 Bristol Road till M5 Junction 12 and join B4008 Gloucester road towards Bath Road and join A419 Bristol Road.

During the construction of Bridges there is a need for Contraflow Traffic.

During the North Bridge construction, the stretch of the road highlighted in the drawing is closed, and the diversions are provided to mange the traffic with suitable traffic signals as detailed in North Bridge Drawing.

During the South Bridge construction, the stretch of the road highlighted in the drawing is closed and the diversions are provided to manage the traffic with suitable traffic signals as detailed in South Bridge Drawing.